Moroccan mint (0718)
fertiplant 11/17

Moroccan mint (0718)

Mentha spicata Maroccan
Moroccan mint

By far the most fresh coin flavor of all coins, barely comparable. These are many heard statements about this currency. The strength of Moroccan mint pours him into the fact that her aroma is fresh, this is unlike peppermint, which makes the aroma less pleasant in winter.   

Moroccan mint fits well in the following dishes:

Coin tea, beverages, vegetables, meat dishes, fish, 
desserts, raw food, soups, sauces, garnish, capariña and mojito.

Just a coin that you always want in your vicinity. 
A fresh breath and mint are an inseparable duo 
since human memory. Moroccan mint is the king under the coins.

Care: Plant in a sunny place or in the half shadow. Provide adequate water and nutrition during the growing season. If your plant has become ugly, cut it back to the ground so that it is able to spring out freshly.  

Use: leaf, stem, flower bud and flower.