Rosemary (0728)
fertiplant 11/17

Rosemary (0728)

Rosmarinus officinalis Blue Winter

Yes, he's there! A hardy rosemary. 
Not insignificant many will be able to remember the disappointment when their rosemary has to miss a severe winter. 'Blue Winter' may 
occur in the future.

Rosemary officinale 'Blue Winter' fits well with the following dishes:

Poultry, meat dishes, fish, Mediterranean cuisine, 
cookies, bread, potato salad and egg 

'Blue Winter' originates in all probability 
from the Alps. For this culture 
variety: "Whoever begins with difficulty ends comfortably" the 
plants grow very slowly at the start of the cultivation.

Care: Feed sufficiently during growth, preferably with organic fertilizer. Rosemary is happy to be sunny, hot and dry.

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower. The steamed stalks at the BBQ and / or grilles just for the smell.