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Landscape Fertilization (indoor Outdoor)

Do you want the thickest lawn and healthiest plants possible? Have you gone to the garden store and been overwhelmed by the variety and types of fertilizer available? Biohydro can help you make smart choices for your lawn and garden so it can flourish.

Fertilizer is not plant food even though that’s often stated on the packaging. Fertilizers are concentrations of elements which, when added to the soil or water, are then available for plants to use and make their own food. When to fertilize, with what and how are common questions. It is important to look at the overall scheme of things in order to make the proper decisions on these questions. We will assess your property and make a plan for fertilizing all your plants and lawn depending on their individual needs.

Proper fertilization is important to ensure the beauty and health of your garden or lawn. We protect your investment by employing trained professionals to take care of your property and at some of the most competitive prices, you are bound to be thrilled as a result of contracting with us!

Commercial Farm Services – Kuwait

We offer full hydroponic consultations for farms in Kuwait with funding from the Industrial bank of Kuwait. Including training personal, sourcing seeds and fertilizer. We pride ourselves in handing over a fully functional hydroponic operation.


 Garden/Landscape Maintenance (indoor/outdoor)

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary; the place that you can go to just get away from the outside world for a little while and relax. But when you arrive home from a long day of work, are you happy to see your property when it first comes into view? Does your landscape enhance the first impression your property gives off, or does it just remind you that more needs to be done to make your house into a home?

If you think more needs to be done, you have come to the right place.
Biohydro has many years of experience helping the residents of design, implement and maintain their landscape ideas so that they can feel proud when they return home.

If you are looking to enhance the landscape at your place of business, whether it be commercial, industrial, condominium, apartment or resort – we specialize in maintaining the landscape design at your properties, too.
Look no further, we offer an array of services to meet your every need. We will ensure you receive a comprehensive, detailed and sensible plan to sustain your property for decades to come.

Tree Service

Your property and your home are one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. For this reason and many more we know how important the maintenance and care of your trees truly are. For example, a weak limb on a tree near your house runs the risk of breaking, causing significant damage and potential injury. A diseased tree can easily spread the infection to other plants and trees in your yard. With our years of experience, Lush Landscaping is experienced and qualified to remedy any situation which may occur on or around your property.
Tree Pruning
Proper pruning can eliminate many hazardous situations and also promote healthy growth in the life of a tree. Many species require only minimal pruning over the course of their lifetime while others require specific and careful manicuring to be full and healthy. Our professional tree care specialists will be able to assess and correctly prune your trees to keep them happy and your areas safe.
Pest and Pathogen Control
Your trees attract thousands of insect species and disease organisms, the majority of which are no cause for concern. It is our job to know the difference between these and the insects and diseases which can severely damage or even kill your trees. Early detection, identification, diagnosis and a treatment plan by a qualified tree service is essential in maintaining the health and well-being of your green space.
Tree Removal
Having a dead or dying tree in your yard can be a significant hazard to people, vehicles and homes nearby. Dry, dead trees can also be a fire hazard and spread disease and harm to the other plants in the area. For these reasons and more, it is important to have these trees removed safely and promptly. We work efficiently and cost effectively to remove dead trees so your yard will flourish for years to come.
This is only a small sampling of all the work we do. Please contact us to speak with certified professional about your specific needs. At Lush Landscaping, we have your trees covered so they continue to cover you!

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