Alpinia zerumbet variegata
Fertiplant 09/05/2020

Alpinia zerumbet variegata

Pot: 21cm, Plant Height: 55cm.

Houseplant care: Alpinia is a fast grower and can be used as indoor plant as long as a humid atmosphere is maintained. Remove spent leaves as they form and cut old canes to their base.

Light: Alpinia thrives in medium light or filtered direct sunlight is best. Kept in too dark position will reduce variegation and make the leaves greener. Prolonged direct sunlight can cause foliage to scald, brown or bleach.

Watering: Correct watering is essentially important for the successful growth of Alpinia plants. as much as necessary to keep the potting mixture thoroughly moist. 

Feeding: Apply to Alpinia a standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks from spring to summer.