Medinilla Luxe
Fertiplant Shipment 49

Medinilla Luxe

Pot: 17cm Plant height: 55cm approx.

These plants require bright light but should be shaded from the hottest sun.

Water well enough to thoroughly moisten compost during the growing season, allowing the top of the compost to dry 2cm down before repeating. During the rest period, water enough to stop the plant from drying out completely. Resume watering moderately in early-mid Spring when flower stalks become visible.

Provide a temperature of between 18-25ºC (64-77ºF) throughout the year, lowering the temperature slightly, but not below 15ºC (59ºF), during the winter period (November to January) or if in flower then after flowering has finished.

Apply a standard liquid fertiliser every two weeks once flower buds begin to open.

In spring, re-pot into one size larger container taking care not to damage plant roots. The largest pot size that is practical is likely to be 10 inches, therefore top dress in spring with fresh compost. Use Orchid compost.

Home propagation is not usually possible with this plant. Tip cuttings are the best method employed. It is, however, probably more advisable to buy young specimens.