Sedum morganianum
Fertiplant Shipment 49

Sedum morganianum

Pot:14cm Plant height:25cm. Approx
Best Locations For Growing Trailing Burrito Sedum

The Trailing Burrito Sedum can be grown in a variety of places. Add it to hanging baskets and place it in kitchens, family rooms, offices, bedrooms, sunrooms, even bathrooms!

Trailing Burrito Sedum Sunlight Requirements

This succulent can tolerate full sun to partial shade. Place in front of or near a West or South facing window.

Trailing Burrito Sedum Plant Care

Propagate by using leaves or cutting. This is a self-cleaning plant and no deadheading is necessary. Plant in a cactus soil that provides very good drainage. Start with a two-inch pot and increase by two to three inches when necessary.

Watering Trailing Burrito Sedum

Water needs are low for the Trailing Burrito Sedum. Water deeply when soil is completely dry. Do not over water. This succulent can tolerate a moderate amount of drought.

Feeding Trailing Burrito Sedum

Fertilize in the spring with a balanced fertilizer. Water deeply after application.