Araucaria Cunninghamii
Fertiplant Shipment 83

Araucaria Cunninghamii

Pot: 21cm Height: 50cm
Being a tropical plant Araucaria Heterophylla as an indoor potted plant needs high humidity. During the winters these plants face the great issue of humidity. Switching on central heating dries air too much for it resulting in significant indoor humidity fall. Thus it is recommended to use Pebble tray with water or humidifier to keep humidity high around the plant or just daily spray of water will do just fine.
When taking care of Araucaria Heterophylla as an indoor potted plant, never avoid light. These plants are very light-sensitive and so you must prefer to keep them near windows or light areas. These plants need direct bright light for their growth, as well as survival. So do not be afraid to place right on the window sill, it will love direct sunlight.
Araucaria Heterophylla does not require more water for its growth, but watering it with enough water is important. Maintain a regular watering schedule to keep soil moist. In addition, we recommend offering complex fertilizers for your plant during the summer once every 2 - 3 weeks. No feed is required during winters.