Air pump ACO-318- 70L/min 35W (0863)

Air pump ACO-318- 70L/min 35W (0863)

Product Description

The ACO-318    O2 Commercial Pump’s powerful electromagnetic motor pushes 110 gallons per hour (70 Liters Per Minute) to provide reliable output for air diffusion devices. It features high-quality aluminum alloy housing and a wear-resistant cylinder and piston. The 220-volt, 45-watt O2 commercial pump includes a six-outlet air divider and 1/4-inch-ID connection tubing. The Elemental O2 Pumps are perfect for The air divider is compatible with 3/16-inch-ID tubing (available separately)

1. The chassis is made of high-quality ZL102 aluminum alloy material, with the streamline design, cooling effect more quickly.

2. The use of electromagnetic motors, piston linear reciprocating airflow, the structure is more reasonable.
3. Cylinder, piston with SF3 new wear-resistant materials, the use of low energy consumption, large displacement, high pressure.
4.Oil-free lubrication design, compressed air is more pure.
Power: 45W
Displacement: 70L / min
Noise: <60dB
Pressure:> 0.025Mpa
Dimensions: 182 × 95 × 116mm
Weight: 1.7KG