Anise Africa (0736)
fertiplant 11/17

Anise Africa (0736)

Taygetes lucidus
Anise Africa

This herb comes from Mexico and dies in winter above ground, but can tolerate some degrees of frost under dry conditions. 
The aroma is highly anise-like and the best in its kind.

Mexican dragon fits well with the following dishes:

Leaf: salads, herb butter, sauces, raw food, poultry, 
soup, meat and fish dishes, herbal tea. 
Flowers: salads, herb butter, herbal vinegar and herbal tea.

Angry tongues claim that in case of excessive and 'wrong' use you are going to hallucinate.

Care: Warm sunny place. Get in front of the frost. Keep enough moisture and feed regularly during the growing season.

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower