Apple mint (0721)
Apple mint (0721)
Apple mint (0721)
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Apple mint (0721)

Mentha suaveolens Apfel
Apple mint

Apple mint is a lot finer in 
plantation than the pineapple mint. She has a fresh aroma but there is also a 
touch of bitterness. As you will know, 'bitter in 
the mouth makes the heart healthy'.

Apple mint fits well with the following dishes:

Summer drinks, salads, herbs, desserts, fish, 
pancakes, soups and sauces.

From the apple mint there is a foliage and a green-leaf variant in circulation to you the choice.

Care: Plant in a sunny humid place. If the foliage has become ugly, cut the plant back so that it can flow freshly. In case of rust damage, a lot of garlic powder spreads around the base of the plant.

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower.