Azteek sweet herb (0709)
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Azteek sweet herb (0709)

Lippia dulcis
Azteek sweet herb.

Aztec sweet herb, this plant is also called. 
It is tropical so getting in front of the frost is 
advisable. Suitable to sweeten anything that normally 
sweets our table sugar. Okay, you get an extra bite that is missing from table sugar.

Lippia fits well with the following dishes:

Coffee, tea, desserts, fruit bowl, water or soak 
directly from the plant. Delicious as an addition to a salad.

Aztec sweet herb is low calorie and for diabetics an opportunity to enjoy a sweet taste without adverse effects. Lippia also has unprecedented possibilities in obesity. Apart from this, Lippia has an enormous ornamental value, it is undoubtedly a beautiful plant.

Care: Lippia is tropical! So always come in for the frost. Sufficient nutrition during the growing season. Keep the soil moderately moist.

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower.


Volatile constituents (essential oil) in Aztec sweet herb contain traces of camphor. In normal use, you will not experience any adverse effects. However, do not overeat Aztec sweet herb food and be very moderate with the internal use of evidently concentrated preparations of the plant. During pregnancy Aztec did not use herbicide. Children prefer not to sweat the plant. As a replacement you can look better at honey leaf (Stevia).