Basilica Mint (0714)
fertiplant 11/17

Basilica Mint (0714)

Mentha piperita 'Basil'

Once again a coin I hear you think. Yes, that's true ...... coins produce very tasty and very diverse flavors. Mint can not be ignored that does not work. So simple and so tasty. You have known for a long time and yet I repeat it again. You have your mint plant, pick up 5 to 7 tops and put it in a teapot. Bring boiling water over it and 5 to 10 minutes and a delicious mint tea was born.

Basil coin has basil-like aromas in it. That is particularly useful in our climate. As you know, basilica itself is a tropical plant that tastes good from mid-May to mid-October. In order to have a basil-like aroma from its own source, from November to April, the Basil currency offers a great alternative. I have to admit that this will not always work for a strict winter.


Basil coin fits well with the following dishes:

Herb tea (infusion), Mediterranean, Italian, and French cuisine. Sauces, desserts, ice cream and summer drinks.


Care: As a plant, basil mint is further problem free. Enough nutrition and moisture, and like almost all coins, you are treated to an abundant harvest. If the leaf has become ugly, cut the plant down to the ground and start fresh again. In case of a rust attack, the plant recycles and sprinkles a large amount of garlic powder on the soil around the plant, which inhibits the rust spores when germinating.


Use: leaf, flower bud and flower.