Bonsai Ficus ginseng 8 shape
Bonsai Ficus ginseng 8 shape
Bonsai Ficus ginseng 8 shape
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Bonsai Ficus ginseng 8 shape

Ficus Ginseng (Ficus microcarpa)

A Ficus Ginseng "also called Ficus Microcarpa) has whimsical branching aerial roots with firm, oval and shiny leaves .. The robust bonsai gives you a relaxed feeling and looks different from every angle, so give it the attention it deserves .

The history of your Ficus Ginseng

Ficus Ginseng originally comes from Asia and really feels at home there. The roots of the houseplant are still grown in China and Malaysia, where they grow for about fifteen years. Then they are imported by growers and grown as bonsai. By the time the Ficus Ginseng is in your living room or office, it has already had a whole life.


With proper care, Ficus microcarpa Ginseng can be kept for years.

Place this houseplant in a sunny spot. Possibly in the summer in partial shade.
The plant requires a moderate amount of water, more in summer than in winter.
Never leave water in the bowl or saucer, because the plant does not like wet feet.
Feed regularly. The Ficus can also go outside in the summer, preferably in the shade.
It is also possible in the living room, but then you should keep the root ball slightly moist.
Just like a Bonsai, this plant can be further shaped.
Runners that can disfigure the shape of the Ficus can be trimmed without any problems, so that the decorative wood remains clearly visible.

A Ficus Ginseng should not be missing from your collection of potted plants.