Calathea wave star (0641)
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Calathea wave star (0641)

The genus Calathea includes some of the most beautiful and striking tropical foliage plants in the world. It is closely related to the similarly gorgeous Maranta. Calathea species generally have boldly marked, upright, oblong leaves in a dazzling array of colors held on long, upright stalks.

Because of the plant's bold markings, it goes by nicknames such as zebra plant, peacock plant, and rattlesnake plant, that reflect that.

Calathea comprises chiefly tropical American herbs in the family Marantaceae, which is native to eastern Brazil. In addition to showy leaves, the plant produces small flowers in clusters on short stems. The plants are used primarily as foliage or houseplants.

As true tropical plants, they are somewhat fussy about their conditions, but a well-grown Calathea is worth the effort.

Calathea can be propagated by division at repotting time. Keep new divisions warm and moist by covering the pot with plastic and providing reduced light until active growth starts again.

The plant should be repotted every year or every other year into fresh potting mix. Divide it at repotting time.