Chicory seeds (0996)

Chicory seeds (0996)

Product Name: Brussels Chicory

Brand: Buzzy Seeds

Each bag contains: 2 grams

Sowing Time: May till June

Flower / Harvest Time: October till November


Chicory (Netherlands) or chicory (Flanders), (Cichorium intybus var. Foliosum) is a leafy vegetable that is grown in the dark. In the light by chlorophyll formation, the crop is green. The cut (broken) crop can be eaten raw or cooked. Chicory is also called chicory. Previously, chicory sometimes very bitter found. Some people, especially children, do not like the bitter taste of chicory. There are currently (2005) chicory varieties not or almost not bitter. Other people just really love the bitter taste of chicory. In raw chicory the bitter taste does not come forward.

Chicory can be eaten raw as a salad with apple pieces and other raw vegetables and fruit. Other preparation methods are boiled, baked or au gratin with ham example and / or cheese or with Hollandaise sauce as "chicory à la crème". By boiling with water beside some milk chicory softened the bitter taste. Chicory or endive 'Mechelse Early' is a biennial plant that belongs to the chicory-like, where Chicory, radicchio and endive also be included. The cultivation of chicory is - by chance - in the 19th century in the area around Brussels, chicory is therefore also called chicory. The cut or broken crop can be eaten raw or cooked.



Sow in May at a driving distance of 35 centimeters, later thinning to 12 inches, the seeds should be sown shallow. During the development of the root, the plants get enough water so that the plants do not flower shapes. From late October to early November harvesting the roots and leaves just above the growing point, about 3 inches above the root collar, cut. The roots dry, stack and cover with a burlap sack, store them in a cool (0 ° C) and frost-free place.


To pull or force the roots from January to mid-February together upright or tilted slightly in the limelight, the top just above ground level. Then cover with a loose layer of soil about 15 inches, make sure the ground terminal properly around the roots. Once moderate frost is expected pit covered with a layer of straw and plastic.



Or pulling force can in a pit outside, under glass, greenhouse and even in the basement. Important when pulling or force is that the growth is not too fast progressing and that the soil in which the roots are put poor and contains little nitrogen. The cultivation of roots or pins must be on unfertilised soil. Chicory can therefore best grown in a loose, well drained and moderately fertile soil. Make sure that the soil does not dry out.




After four to six weeks, or at the end of the winter, the heads sufficiently large. Obviously the heads to a warmer place faster well. Under glass can be harvested from January to late April, when the chicory is grown outside can be harvested from March to late May. To keep the crops after harvesting in a cool place and keep in the dark. Chicory beautiful white