Chocolate Mint (0715)
fertiplant 11/17

Chocolate Mint (0715)

Mentha piperita Chocolate Chocolate

Particularly beautiful currency and there are several variations in course. There is a type with dark purple purple green leaf and a type with green leaf and purple purple 
nerves. The aromas do not alleviate each other much.

Chocolate mint fits well with the following dishes:

Desserts (Dame Blanche), fruit bowl, herbal teas 
and salads.

The aroma of this coin is the translation of the mint odor from After Eight. Working with the leaf colors of this coin is definitely a challenge. Well, actually, she just had to call Mentha piperita after Eight.

Care: Chocomint likes to be in the semi-shadow in a damp place. Provide adequate nutrition during the growing season. If the foliage has become ugly then the plant recedes so that it can flow freshly. In case of rust damage remove the affected parts completely.

Use: leaf, stem, flower bud and flower.