Cola (0697)
fertiplant 11/17

Cola (0697)

Artemisia abrotanum 'Cola'

Cola spice fits well with the following dishes:

Young leaf tips in soft dairy like curry and yoghurt, salad, meat, poultry, sauces and herbal tea (infusion).

The smell of cola spice is delicious, but the taste of the herb is a bite bitter. If you put a spice branch of the spice into a can of water, the herb gives a gentle flavor to the water, subtle and delicious. Although it is fair to say that you have the specific taste of cola not 'll see. It does not matter that this herb can flavor deliciously. A little bit of cola herb in garden beans is also a delicious combination. Apply sparingly is the thread of this herb. Enjoy every time you walk along this herb of her irresistibly tasty smell. The ultimate translation of a fresh glass of coke with a slice of lemon.  

On a terrace or balcony, at least there, where you can sit outside, it is great to have a cola herb. You can iron the herb with your hand and the amazing smell comes free.  

Colakruid is a solid plant and therefore hardy. In winter, colacruid can really help it ugly and sad ... but that makes the plant all the best in spring and summer because she is beautifully beautiful.