Compact oregano (0725)
fertiplant 11/17

Compact oregano (0725)

Origanum vulgare compactum
Compact oregano

Compact oregano is a little more powerful in flavor and aroma like the wild marjoram (Origanum vulgare) But the biggest difference is in growth. Wild marjoram can grow up to 60 cm while the compact oregano is only 20 cm high. Compact oregano grows more soil-covering and flourishes significantly richer.

Compact oregano fits well with the following dishes:

Mediterranean cuisine, giros, pizza, pasta, egg dishes, potato dishes and rice.

Origanum is composed of the Greek words 'oros' = mountain and 'ganos' = ornament or joy. Freely translated, therefore, means the jewel or joy of the mountain.

Care: Oregano likes to be sunny and relatively dry. Sufficient nutrition during growth. If the foliage has become ugly, cut the plant so that it can flow freshly.

Use: leaf (fresh and / or dried, flower bud and flower