Cordyline fruticosa Red Sister
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Cordyline fruticosa Red Sister

Height: approx 70cm
Vivid Color Suits Your Garden to a Ti

With its brilliant fuchsia and bronze magenta leaves, the Red Sister Ti Plant is a vibrant accent indoors or out. Native to the tropics of Southeast Asia, Northeast Australia, Polynesia and New Guinea, Cordyline Fructosia is actually an evergreen. Visitors to the Hawaiian Islands will probably spot this plant in front of most homes, as it is believed to bring good luck. Hawaiians also use the blade-shaped leaves in spiritual ceremonies, hula skirts and even as surfboard covers.

The Red Sister thrives in warm temperatures and humidity. Indoors, make sure to keep the plant in a bright room, but out of direct sunlight so leaves won’t scorch. Pot in well-draining soil and use a liquid fertilizer during its growing season (April to September). The Red Sister shows off its most vivid colors in cooler weather. During summer months, the leaves will turn a bit darker.