flora mato


For soil and hydroponics

To enhance flavors,
increase yields,?
and improve nutritional value

Especially designed for continuously fruiting and flowering plants.

FloraMato - mixed with FloraMicro - provides a complete blend of the essential minerals needed by continuously producing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, melons, strawberries, etc...

  • FloraMato is a unique combination of primary and secondary elements with stabilized pH.
  • Designed for hydroponics, FloraMato is particularly efficient for fertigation.


FloraMato must be used with FloraMicro and can be adapted to hard and soft water.



In Hydroponics:

Cuttings and seedlings:

FloraMicro = 1 ml/L and FloraMato = 1 ml/L, with EC = 0,85

Hungry plants:

FloraMicro = 2 ml/L and FloraMato = 3 ml/L, with EC = 1,6

Very demanding plants:

FloraMicro = 3 ml/L and FloraMato = 4 ml/L, with EC = 2,10

In soil, use 1/2 concentration, every watering


To get the best results:

  • Keep the pH level between 5.5 and 6.5. Use GHE?s pH Test Kits for control.
  • Our nutrients are very concentrated. To avoid precipitation never mix the components together.
  • Above proportions are for hydroponics, in all substrates..


FloraMato exists in 0,5 l, 1 l, 5 l, 10 l,?