French Dragon (0698)
French Dragon (0698)
French Dragon (0698)
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French Dragon (0698)

French dragon is a delicious herb with a fennel and 
anise-like aroma. Do not be confused with the Russian dragon (Artemisia dracunculus), which has scarcely aroma and is even bitter. French dragon: widely praised in France.

French dragon fits well in the following dishes:

Salads, Sauce-Béarnaise, meat and fish dishes, 
especially tuna, fresh in the pastiche and further on ice dessert. 
Certainly, in a herbal tea, French dragon is certainly 
not missed . Application is raw, fresh or dried, possibly short heating 
is possible. Long-term heating leaves the smell and taste.

Care: Dragon is happy to be in a sunny place. Provide adequate nutrition during the growing season. Cover with severe frost with loose leaf.

Use: the leaf, flower possibly the seed.