Japanese licorice (0692)
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Japanese licorice (0692)

Acorus gramineus 'Licorice'
Sweetheart grass

Sweetheart grass fits well in the following dishes:

The leaf is delicious in a herbal tea (infusion), by salads, at desserts. The rootstocks are awake.

Zucchini grass is from East Asia and is used in Thai and Japanese cuisine. In China, liqueur grass is also used for medicinal purposes. It's a surprisingly nice herb with a delicious sweet drop-anise-like flavor. The odor is also a bit weeg and comes free when squeezing the blade. The leaf is definitely a bit tough and you will have to keep this in mind when preparing. The blade blends smoothly using a blender, kitchen machine or very nice shredding is to be considered. Sparingly practicing this herb is definitely a fun challenge.

Sweetheart grass is a solid plant and more or less hardy in our environment. Only really bare-bare frost could bring the plant into trouble. Sweetheart grass is the most beautiful wet to wet in a sunny place. In fact, it is a marsh plant, although sweetener grass also tolerates drier conditions.