Kitchen Tin (0741)
fertiplant 11/17

Kitchen Tin (0741)

Thymus vulgaris compactum
Kitchen Tin

Keukenmijm is all-praised and indispensable is every kitchen sooner or later. 
'Compactus' stands for a culture variety that 
naturally solid and compact grows a not insignificant detail. Frequent use of thyme is a blessing for your respiratory tract.

Kitchen flavor fits well with the following dishes:

Meat dishes, soup, stew and oven dishes, fish, dressing, garnish, aromatizing vinegar, part of many herbal mixtures.

The plantation of all thyme species is beautiful. In my garden I planted a timber field and regularly relieve me of a bed of TIME.

Care: sunny and dry place

Use: leaf, flower bud and flour, fresh and dried