Lavas or maggie plant (0708)
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Lavas or maggie plant (0708)

Levisticum officinale
Lavas or maggie plant

Levisticum officinale is not an ingredient of the original maggie recipe! Perhaps the spicy flavor of lava gives the association. Lavas is a spicy flavor enhancer for dishes. In many cases, lava pepper and salt can be partially or completely replaced.

Lavas fits well with the following dishes:

Leaf: stews, salads, sauces, soups, vegetables, meat and fish dishes, herb butter. Seeds: in breads

The leaf can be used in spring, summer and fall. The carrot (two to three year old) can be harvested in the autumn. We then cut the root in the long direction and allow it to dry in the shade so that we can enjoy lava in winter.  

Care: Make sure your magic plant has enough space, she just claims her space. Keep enough moisture and sufficient nutrition are necessary. Half shadow to sunny.

Use: the leaf, stem, flower bud and flower.