Lemon balm (0710)
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Lemon balm (0710)

Melissa officinalis
Lemon Salmon

Fortunately, lemon salmon with advanced herbalists is seldom lacking in the collection and that's good too. Cultivated, on artificial fodder, 
fertilizer and pesticides, this spice definitely does not tolerate she 
will disappear. Melissa is a very pure herb.

Lemon melisse fits well with the following dishes:

Tea mixtures, salads, sauces, fish, fruit salads, fruit drinks and desserts.

Melisse tea is restful, for centuries it is 
rumored that with very regular use of lemon. 
melisse that you will be stupid

Care: lemon balm is basically problem free. Provide adequate water and nutrition during the growing season. After flowering the flowering flower branches cut off. 

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower