Lemon verbena (0694)
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Lemon verbena (0694)

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Lemon verbena

Lemon Verbena or Vervaine is famous in France for 
the aromatization of source and mineral water. 
Subtly the fresh lemon flavor is transferred to the water.

Lemon legs are good for the following dishes:

With fish, salads, desserts and all that a fresh lemon 
flavor is desirable. Delicious in a herbal tea, 
aromatized water or as a herbal plant.

The applications are fresh or dried. 
Lemon verbena refreshes the mind, gives power and 
energy, provides support when something new begins 
. If you sprinkle your lemon verbena 
with water in summer , she delivers a cloud of delicious lemon aroma, 
really intense.

Care: Keep sunny place, keep moist and feed regularly. Vervaine would prefer to win in a cool room. Preferably no temperatures below -3 degrees Celsius. 

Use: the magazine.