organic pumpkin seeds (0985)

organic pumpkin seeds (0985)

The pumpkin we see especially in the streets around late October. Pumpkins have been grown by the Indian tribes of the southeastern United States . There are some traditional dishes that pumpkin puree is processed , such as pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread . The oil Pumpkin seeds can be roasted and eaten a delicious borrelhapje.Pompoenen are a very old plant . In Central and South America were already pumpkins cultivated 7000 years BC. In the 16th century, the pumpkin was first introduced in Europe . The pumpkin is provided by species of the genus Cucurbita , which total a dozen species omvat.Uit large pumpkins for halloween party lanterns carved in the U.S.. For this one needs a good sharp knife because the wall of the fruit is quite solid . Furthermore undersized fruits used for swinging or pumpkin as a decoration such as a pompoendag.De pumpkin belongs to the cucurbit , and the pickle , cucumber , zucchini, melon and originates from South America and Asia . The plants require a lot of space . They form long vines with large leaves and beautiful yellow flowers ( the ovary ) . The fruit , with lovely orange yellow flesh , can be 25 kg or more . The flesh of pumpkin is also very healthy . It contains a lot of iron , carotene and vitamin C. After harvesting pumpkins in a cool , dry and frost-free place to four months houdbaar.Eigenlijk the pumpkin so a winter vegetable . Also raised can be stored . Than a week the pumpkin yet Remove the seeds and put the two halves together in a plastic bag and store in the koelkast.Met pumpkins you can make delicious dishes : Pumpkin with a savory filling as well as sweet souffle and not to forget as soep.Het breed Yellow giants belongs to the large pumpkins , also known as gourd or Kürbis . pumpkins red Etampes is a red - orange flat pumpkin variety. The plants require a lot of space and form long vines with large leaves . During the growth of the vines by turning left and right. With pumpkins to make delicious meals. After harvesting them in a cool place several months. Can also be used as an ornamental fruit.

This seed is grown , cleaned and packed according to the organic production method, which is recorded and monitored by the Skal foundation . These products are identified by the EKO-mark . For the packaging of the seeds we Skal certified , under registration number 014 725 .


Very decorative , sweet ' Hokkaido' pumpkin , rich in vitamins and minerals .


Also known as : Cucurbita maxima

Very decorative , sweet ' Hokkaido ' pumpkin , rich in vitamins and minerals .


From early May to mid-June in open ground in seedbed and plant out in fertile soil.