Red-leaf fennel (0704)
fertiplant 11/17

Red-leaf fennel (0704)

Foeniculum vulg 'Purpureum'
Red-leaf fennel

Red-flax fennel is family of the tuberculosis but 
is not a tuber. Red-leaf fennel is a leaf fountain 
with beautiful red-colored leaf.

Red fennel fennel fits well with the following dishes.

Leaf: Herb tea, fish, salads, marinades, egg 
dishes, soups, legumes.

Seed: cabbage, fish, cakes, bread, cookies, oil and vinegar or as part of a cough syrup.

Red-fried fennel is a feast for many dishes 
because of its delicious taste, fine texture and beautiful 
color. Application raw or short heating. Especially the latest leaves contain another touch of sweet.

Care: Fennel likes warm, sunny and dry. Provide adequate nutrition during the growing season.

Use: leaf, flower bud, flower and seed.