Saffron (0701)

Saffron (0701)

bCrocus sativus

Saffron is the world's most expensive spice !! Saffron as we know this is the 3 sticks of the Crocus sativus L. These stems are extremely thin, small and fragile, they are dried again after harvesting. So, huge quantities of wires are needed to get up to 1 gram of saffron. Saffron can only be harvested manually. Fortunately, you also need very small amounts to transfer the desired color, flavor and taste to a dish. 1 to a few stamp threads per meal for four persons is sufficient. 

Saffron fits well with the following dishes:

Soup, sauces, steaks, rice, rice dishes like risotto and paella, saffron bread, meat, fish, poultry, couscous, sweets and ice-cream dishes.   

The Saffron plant is good for cold and warmth. Only lasting crop should be completely dry.

Care: You may distort your saffron. Of course, you can also rewind and replant them every year. Plants we do at the end of July, the harvest is normal in the Netherlands approx. Early November, and we usually root bulbs in March. After the rooting, the bulbs can dry up to the time of replanting (end of July).

Use: the stamps (orange strings). The stockings (yellow) are sometimes marketed as NEP saffron.