Savoy cabbage seeds (0986)

Savoy cabbage seeds (0986)

Product Name: Savoy Cabbage - Bruxelles

Brand: Buzzy Seeds

Each bag contains: 1.5 grams

Sowing Time: April till May 

Flower / Harvest Time: November till May

Chicory (Netherlands) or chicory (Flanders), (Cichorium intybus var. Foliosum) is a leafy vegetable that is grown in the dark. In the light by chlorophyll formation, the crop is green. The cut (broken) crop can be eaten raw or cooked. Chicory is also called chicory. Previously, chicory sometimes very bitter found. Some people, especially children, do not like the bitter taste of chicory. There are currently (2005) chicory varieties not or almost not bitter. Other people just really love the bitter taste of chicory. In raw chicory the bitter taste does not come forward.

Chicory can be eaten raw as a salad with apple pieces and other raw vegetables and fruit. Other preparation methods are boiled, baked or au gratin with ham example and / or cheese or with Hollandaise sauce as "chicory à la crème". By boiling with water beside some milk chicory softened the bitter taste.


Savoy or Savoy cabbage (Brassica oleracea convar. Capitata var. Sabauda) is grown for both the fresh market and for the industry. It is one of the oldest types of cabbage and originates from the Mediterranean region.

In savoy distinction can be made in yellow and green savoy savoy. In the Netherlands today is mainly the cultivation of green savoy place of yellow savoy has practically disappeared. The traditional cultivation takes place mainly in England, because there is no damage occurs by clubroot. This is also reflected in the variety names of the yellow savoy, as in Langedijk Yellow and Langedijker Early Yellow and Yellow Autumn Langedijker. There is also still growing place in Limburg and North Brabant, but there must be a large rotation applied.


 Dark Green Wells is one, the name says it all, dark savooiekoolras for late cultivation. This variety produces delicious, tender winter coals. They have the real characteristic savoy taste, especially if they are not harvested too early. Savoy 'Dark Green Late Wells' is a beautiful and the name says it all, dark green savoy for late cultivation. This variety produces delicious, tender winter coal with the real characteristic savoy taste, especially if they are not harvested too early. Keep most cabbages a fertile soil with enough nitrogen. Through the roots of leguminous plants and other papilionaceous plants, nitrogen is added to the soil. Therefore Teel cabbage crops preferably on a piece of land where previously stood legumes!




Sow a seed bed - or individually in pots - from early May to mid-June, about 4 to 6 weeks after transplanting at 60 x 50 inches. Add some lime to the planting hole helps prevent clubroot. Protect the plants against cabbage fly through around the stem (and ground) a 'collar' of about 10 inches to make. Around




Savoy cabbage requires a reasonably nutritious, moist soil with enough nitrogen. In crop rotation cabbage crops after legumes grow, this is basically not necessary to add to the soil. Extra compost




Harvesting is from early November until spring. Savoy cabbage can only tolerate frost and can therefore remain. The garden quite long