Small pimpernel (0735)
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Small pimpernel (0735)

Sanguisorba minor
Small pimpernel

Small pimpernel is native to the Netherlands. However, it is a protected plant, so you can not actually harvest him from nature. Small pimpernel is definitely a herb worth buying. Her cucumber-like taste with a bitter and sour opens a beautiful spectrum of culinary possibilities. There are people who trace nutritious flavors at the little pimpernel.


Small pimpernel fits well in the following dishes:

The young leaves are beautiful in salads. But also by a fresh cream cheese sauce, sauces, soups and stews. In wild game, small pimpernel combines amazingly. Personally, I think a stew (raw) pimpernel is delicious. 


The pristine flavors of the little pimpernel testify that this plant, like all other herbs of Pure Aroma, is free of breeding. Pimpernel stew, just like stew of raw andyvie, is really huge.  


Care: small pimpernel is basically problem free. Sufficient food, full sun and matichg keep moist. If the leaf has become ugly, you will completely cut the plant back to freshness.


Use: leaf, flower bud and flower. Possibly the seed.