Swede seeds (0992)

Swede seeds (0992)

Product Name: Swede Champion

Brand: Buzzy Seeds

Each bag contains: 5 g

Sowing Time: April till June

Flower / Harvest Time: October till March

Swedes Champion is one of the best turnip varieties, soft, yellow 'meat'. Very tasty and not difficult to grow. Kohlrabi 'Champion' (Yellow Throated English) is one of the best turnip varieties, tasty soft, yellow 'flesh'. Kohlrabi is a true autumn and winter vegetables, the plants are resistant to light frosts but not sow too early because then the tubers too large and woody.




Preferably spot sowing from late May to late June, in seedbed sowing may even spot seeding gives the best results. Planting or thinning after the third or fourth leaf appeared, from late June to late July, 50 x 40 cm. The thinned plants can replant elsewhere again, especially not plant them deep, which prevents a good nodulation. It is also a good crop as progeny of an early crop.




Preferably in a moist loam or light clay soil, fertilize lightly because by over-fertilization develops crop too much leaf. Too much nitrogen creates too many leaves and small, hollow turnips. Kohlrabi therefore not grow after legumes or other legumes. Growing on a light ground gives a less good result, also can be the swedes shorter preserved. Turnips are sensitive to lack of boron, they get a corky skin and occur inside glassy spots, also turnips rot.




At the end of the summer, the young, immature tubers already harvested. From early October to late November or after the first frost the ripe harvest tubers and store in a cool place or outside ensiling.