Swiss Mint
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Swiss Mint

Mentha piperita 'Swiss'
Swiss currency

A coin type read out for tasty infusions (tea). Swiss coin guarantees a fresh lemon flavor with a rejuvenating effect.

Swiss currency fits well with the following dishes:

Fish, soup, sauces, quark, infusions (tea), desserts, summer drinks, fruit bowl.

The lilac flowers are beautiful. Also with the Swiss currency again, give her the space in your garden or keep her in control by planting her in a jar. Her growth power is inevitable.  

Care: Sufficient moist soil, half shade to full sun. In case of a rust damage, cut the plant to the ground, feed, spread garlic powder to spread the plant and run fresh again. Garlic powder inhibits the rust spores when germinated.

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower.