Tripack Flora Duo HW Ripen (0062)

Tripack Flora Duo HW Ripen (0062)

GHE FloraDuo Tripack for hard waters.

An ideal first set, perfectly adequate for the first culture cycle.
Includes PH Tester PH and sinker. Suitable for soil and hydro.

The set includes:

1 x 0.5l FloraDuo Grow
1 x 0.5l FloraDuo Bloom
1 x 0.5l Ripen
1 PH test kit for 200 tests
1 x 20 grams pH-down powder dry

Full, concentrated and economical:
FloraDuo is an advanced formulation that meets the latest scientific discoveries.

In FloraDuo it is a mineral fertilizer in two parts, Grow and Bloom.
It was developed by Dr William Herrman and Cal Texier jointly developed and this new Formulation is inspired by the latest wissenschafltichen inventions in the field of plant nutrition.

FloraDuo is a "classical" chemical fertilizer, with the (huge) difference, that every single ingredient comes from different sources.
To produce a perfect fertilizer, you need of course a precise formulation. But that's not all! It is also important that each member comes from different sources and different salts. This makes it possible for each item is available, when needed, and under a form available to the plant.
But that's not all. We do not add items (which could be described as bio-activators), no food for the plant, constitute, however, improve their general health, facilitate food intake and increase resistance to insects and diseases.

FloraDuo is a complete fertilizer that is designed specifically for fast-growing plants of the different requirements between growth and flowering expectations.
Therefore, it comes in two parts: FloraDuo Grow and Bloom FloraDuo. To ensure the best possible results and the regional differences to meet, We offer the "Grow" in two versions, for hard and soft water.
You can also use FloraDuo with demineralized or reverse osmosis water.

FloraDuo is highly concentrated: 4 ml / L are sufficient for optimal and harmonious growth.
The price is also attractive. Thus, the user receives an economical fertilizer with an excellent price / performance ratio.

It can be used on top of that simple: If you use 3 parts and 1 part FloraDuo FloraDuo Grow Bloom, have the optimum ratio for the growth phase. If you reverse these proportions, i.e. 3 parts to 1 part Bloom Grow, type of flowering optimal conditions.
This guarantees FloraDuo the perfect balance between growth and flowering.

As with all fertilizer from our store offers FloraDuo integral formulation:
No need for additives to optimize plant nutrition.
It is our combined 30 years experience, with our years of collaborative research laboratories (Especially the University of Davis, California) and the empirical data that we collected from our customers worldwide. For supporters of "Part One" (Total Bloom Grow and Total):

When it was created in 1998, OnePart fertilizers stood for a revolution in the field of plant nutrition.
Today and after several additional years of research, FloraDuo is based on the same basis, But with a new "savoir-faire." It differs from one part its ability to adapt to hard or soft water, its concentration and the concept of subtlety.
It is therefore one part to replace an optimum manner, whether in soil or hydroponics. It is worthwhile to risk a change, you will be amazed.