Yellow lemon lemon gum (0738)
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Yellow lemon lemon gum (0738)

Thymus citriodorus Betram Anderson
Yellow lemon lemon gum

The difference between 'Aureus' and 'Bertram Anderson' is not yet easy to distinguish. You will have to put these two plants next to each other. 'Bertram Anderson' is more powerful in terms of aroma aroma while the taste of the 'Aureus' is a little stronger.

Yellow leafy lemon gum fits well with the following dishes:

Meat especially lamb and pork, fish dishes especially grilled, egg dishes, appetizers, barbecue, soup, stew and oven dishes, vegetables and as part of a herbal tea.

Do not underestimate the power of these lemon tunes, their fresh color translates into a much heavier smell.

Care: sunny and dry place.

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower.