Chives (0693)
Chives (0693)
Chives (0693)
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Chives (0693)

Allium Schoenoprasum

Chives are a perennial herb that's over winter. 
soil dies but underground just remains alive and emerges early in the spring. Chives have hollow green and smooth leaves with a delicious look taste. The chives are also delicious, especially in winter. Keep in mind that if you eat the roots that you can permanently damage the plant, this is contrary to eating only the above-ground parts, with the impact on the plant much less. 

Chives fit well in the following dishes:

Leaf: Sauces, potato 
dishes , cream cheese, curd, breadloaf or as a garnish at alioli. 
The flower buds are tasty and healthy as garnish or 
in the salad.

Apply chives fresh to maintain high vitamin C content.

Care: Chives are normally problem free, regular food and watering. Furthermore, chives may be planted in a sunny place. 

Use: foliage, flower bud, flower and carrot.