Rucola (0703)
fertiplant 11/17

Rucola (0703)

Eruca sativa

Eruca is the cultivated variant of rucola. Unlike the wild rucola (which is yellow bloom), she has white flowers. Rucola or raketsla is slightly less sharp and distinct from taste than the wild form. 

Rucola fits well with the following dishes:

In salads or as salad, pizza, sandwich, carpaccio, risotto, sheep cheese, tomato, pesto, pasta, Mediterranean cuisine.

Also for rucola applies: immediately after harvest processing in the meal. After harvesting, quality is deteriorating rapidly. The flowers can be used well in a spicy sauce in combination with mayonnaise or a cream cheese.

Care: Ensure adequate nutrition during the growing period. Rucola likes to be moderately moist in the sunshine. Have you harvested your rucola then take care of enough nutrition so that the plant can turn out fresh. 

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower.